Products - Cloud 9 Gluten Free
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The Cloud 9 Product Line-up

Our baking mixes are gluten-free, free from all 8 major food allergens, Kosher and meet the specialty diet requirements for a broad spectrum of customers. And unlike other gluten-free products, Cloud 9’s unique blends have been painstakingly created to provide not only the same nutritious fiber and vitamins provided by wheat, but also have a superior baking performance that truly makes Cloud 9 gluten-free products uncompromising in taste and texture. Whether for the retail market or food service, Cloud 9 baking mixes, batters, cereals and grains are easy to use and our high-quality ingredients result in consistently delicious results!



Wholesale and Custom Orders

All of Cloud 9’s products are available for wholesale. Cloud 9 serves consumers is Canada, US and Asia. If you are interested in carrying a delicious selection of our gluten-free products, please give a call at 604.249.5008 or email us at